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Niacinamide Serum #1 evens skin tone, fades pigmentation and most importantly protects and builds the skin’s immune system, resetting the skins protective pH which is essential to correct the acid mantle. Reduces inflammation, sweat pimples and pore blockage.


Niacinamide is an essential serum for women, men and adolescents: Niacinamide regulator serum maintains and promotes clear and smooth healthy skin. It can be used day and night with noticeable improved skin results.

Botany Essential: Serum#1 Niacinamid B3 Regulator 維他命B3皮膚穩定精華

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  • 潔面後,先使用爽膚水均勻面部濕度。在面頰面側跟額頭各點一點,再以手指溫柔推開。精華會被迅速吸收。

    Apply 3 drops on cheeks and forehead after cleansing and toner applied.

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